Our Leaders


  • Leonor & Antonio Chang Sr.



    Leonor Chang is the matriarch and President of Renacer Foundation. Mr. &  Mrs. Chang are parents of 7 children, nearly 30 grand children and a half-dozen great-grand children. Leonor now retired but working full-time with Renacer Foundation. Mrs. Chang has been working for over 25 years with the indigenous peoples of Nicaragua and building Renacer Outreach Farm. Having a house full of boxes and bags from donations she collects to send by the ship load, she sees this as a labor of love and has gladly taken over this “hobby” over gardening or sewing.Today her passion has grown in many ways to serve the Lord: by preaching, teaching, and continuing to build Renacer Foundation.

  • Linda DeRose

    Vice President


    Linda was born in Nicaragua and at the age of 11 years old was emigrated to the United States with her parents Leonor and Antonio Chang. Linda loves to be with her family, Husband, Mark, oldest son Japhet, four daughters, Suylin, Dominique, Michelle and Gabrielle and enjoys traveling when she has the opportunity. When not cutting & styling hair as a profession, she can be found teaching and preaching in her home as well as in Nicaragua via Skype. One of her biggest dreams is to help those in need in Nicaragua and to lead them to Christ.



  • Japhet Sanchez



    Japhet is highly driven and tenacious when it comes to changing the world one child at a time. He has invested most of his years  learning how to develop businesses and growth with in. Whenever he gets a chance, he love to spend time with the family. When not making a business deal, Japhet can be found snow boarding, surfing, riding motorcycles and golfing. However bringing hope to the children of Nicaragua has fulfilled his purpose.

  • Neil Hooley

    Campaign Manager & Videographer


    Neil has seen God work miracles in his life, overcoming drug addiction, and is thankful for God’s grace and mercy. He graduated from the ministry of Teen Challenge in 2009, and served as a staff member there until 2011. Neil transitioned to Kingsway Church in late 2011 to train under Pastor Bryon by serving his local church. Neil now serves on the pastoral team there. Neil has a passion for correct theology, video production and loves his Apple products. He enjoys surfing, snowboarding and rides BMX. When not on Vimeo, he can be found on the golf course.

  • Antonio Chang Jr.



    Born in Chinandega, Nicaragua and emigrated to U.S. with parents at the age of 4. Mr. Antonio “Tony” Chang began working at an early age doing farm labor and many odd jobs all throughout school and even recruiting other family members to sell candy and t-shirts. The entrepreneurial spirit has always remained with Tony helping him decide to be a business major at Lehigh University where he graduated with top honors in 1991. To this day, his passion has remained the study of business and the stock market in particular. “I’ll take a business book over a movie thriller or novel any day”… Other interests include learning guitar licks and chess.

  • Edward Chang



    Edward “Ed” is blissfully married to his beautiful (in every way imaginable) bride, Ivette, for nearly 15 years. Together they love ‘Life’ (not the cereal or board game) with their 3 amazingly exceptional children: Ed, Andrew, and Rachael. Taken together, their interests include everything related to the Word, joyful laughter, nutritious & delicious cooking & juicing, playing piano/drums/guitar, collecting toy cars & Legos, shopping, playing dress-up (the girls not the guys), camping, basketball, chess, and the Walton’s (the kids especially). Edward ministers the Word live, via web-conference, most weeks to brethren in Chinandega, Nicaragua as part of the Renacer Foundation ministry outreach.


  • Milan Frusone

  • Helen Saballos

  • Suying & Ray Hooley

  • Edward & Rosa I. Chang

  • Theresa Chang

  • Suylin Sanchez

  • Perla Galeano

  • Antonio Chang Jr.