How It All Began


  • The Reality

    Leonor Chang, mother to 7 children, grandmother to 22 children. By the age of 16, she knew she had to help the children of Nicaragua. Born in Nicaragua, raising her children in Nicaragua, she understood first hand the great need for her country. Raising a family in a 3rd world country is not an easy task, and a hope for a future is dim.

  • The Separation

    In 1973 Leonor and her husband Antonio, left Nicaragua to the United States, leaving their children behind, in hopes to provide a better future for them. After five years of being separated, enough money was saved to bring the family back together.

  • Something is Missing

    Although in the United States, established and given a better lifestyle. Leonor’s heart remained for the children of Nicaragua. She continued to send money, clothing, and medicine, to provide any help to these children.

  • The Vision

    Leonor purchased a large farm from her grandmother, where she envisioned a facility to help these children in need. For the next 13 years that vision fueled the campaign to raise money to build this facility, to meet these needs. Only through money raised by family and friends, in 2001, we were able to break ground in construction making this vision a reality.

  • The Completion

    After several trips a year, providing food, clothing, and medicine, as well checking the progress of the build, in 2010 construction of the main building was completed. This 10 room building runs as the headquarters for providing help for these children.

  • The Generations

    Leonor as (first generation) founder, her children (second generation), providing funding, and now (third generation) grandchildren, are bringing this vision to the world. As a generation focused on social media and the internet. We are bringing the need right to your screen, and providing a way to make a difference accessible.

  • Our Name

    The name Renacer, meaning “Reborn”, “New Hope”, was established by the family in 2010. In the same year we became a non-profit 501c3 organization. Our goal to make the world aware of the need in Nicaragua, and to give a ‘new hope’ to the children.

  • Present